“More doors to open with CPEC leading its way forward”


Pakistan is going through a very crucial developmental phase of his life. One can quite easily identify some mega projects being incorporated in the different areas of Pakistan. Giant construction, quality buildings, eminence infrastructural development etc. there can be certain reasons for these developments in the city but many natives have an opinion that CPAC is one of the main primary or according to some only reason for all these developmental initiatives.

CPAC to be or not to be the reason behind all this but one thing is definite that CPAC has surely opened many commercial and industrial doors in Pakistan. Well, that definitely means that these are just initial steps, whereas many others will follow. Developments are surely making their way into this part of the world.

Well despite these tiny developmental steps there are some direct plans encountered with CPEC, let’s go through some of them.

On the top of the list, the 2 by 660MW coal-fired power plants in Port Qasim Karachi. In coming years this part of the region will need a greater amount of power supply to accomplish needs of the power supply. This initiative will help meet that demand. As per the sources, the financial closed for this projected is completed. Civil works on the site started from may 2015 with jetty completed. Seems like we are setting up high standards as we are quite keen to see the change every intellectual is talking about so far.

In order to meet the huge power deficit in time to follow authorities have planned another project to deal with the same issue (well most of the projects are in this regards to produce more power through different means). Suki Kinari Hydropower Station, Naran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is another mega plan of its type. Hydropower stations towards that region have been quite a success in the past as well we hope to receive the same amount of glory with it. With financial closed achieved and Land acquisition award announced on 17th Nov 2016. The plan seems to be working visibly fine. EPC Contractor mobilized to initiate construction activities.

In total there 19 projects that have been disclosed so far for the developmental purpose some believe there are more to come so let it be, as all of that is for good. Hope the good time stays and things work as they are planned so we all leave a better place to live for generations coming ahead of us.


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