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Official Messages

Mr Imran khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan at Investment forum Saudi Arabia:

CPEC is great opportunity for Pakistan. CPEC connect us to China which is one of the biggest markets. Because of CPEC we are developing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) which invite investment across the globe. China is a huge market and CPEC route will connect China and Pakistan located at strategic position of world.

Mr. Xi Jinping

President of China

Friendship between China and Pakistan is based on trust and mutual support, and we have been devoted friends through both good and hard times. Our friendship is a pacesetter for amicable relations between countries.First, we should strengthen mutual assistance and deepen strategic cooperation. 

Mr Asad Umer

Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives – Pakistan

CPEC is being developed in a way that it cannot just be a stimulus to our economic growth but also provides Pakistan basis for regional integration, socio economic development, interoperability, harmonized development and effective management of its resources – all of which are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr. He Lifeng

Chairman of National Development & Reform Commission - China

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is closely related to the Belt and Road Initiative, and therefore requires closer cooperation and greater progress. At sea, the Initiative will focus on jointly building smooth, secure and efficient transport routes connecting major sea ports along the Belt and Road.

Mr. Moin ul Haque

Pakistani Ambassador to China

China and South Asia are linked historically and geographically through the Ancient Silk Road, and it is but natural that these two regions continue to be linked even more strongly.We have already taken the first step for greater connectivity by signing agreements on Economic Corridor, and actively pursuing them on-ground.

Mr. Nong Rong

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a major and pilot project of the Belt and Road Initiative, to which the leaders of our two countries have attached great importance and rendered active promotion. It has also won the across-board support from our two peoples as it aims to provide new opportunities to the citizens as well as bring new impetus and vision to China-Pakistan friendship.