The Chinese government reiterates its commitment to helping Pakistan succeed with CPEC – Voice of Gwadar
The Chinese government reiterates its commitment to helping Pakistan succeed with CPEC

On September 17, Ambassador Nong Rong exchanged opinions on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar, both showed their trust and expectation for the bright future of the CPEC.

Ambassador Nong Rong said that Prime Minister Imran Khan today’s meeting with President Xi Jinping’s Special Representative, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Dushanbe was a success. China acknowledges the tremendous importance Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistani government connect to China-Pakistan practical cooperation and their positive works to this end. With the completion of the early harvest projects, the CPEC has begun a new stage of enrichment and expansion. Agriculture, industry and social livelihood projects, which are of great interest to the PTI government, will focus on CPEC Phase II. Positive progress has been made in relevant cooperation, and CPEC is right on its way towards a demonstration project of high-quality development under the Belt and Road Initiative. As Prime Minister Imran said, the CPEC is a transformational project. China is ready to work with the Pakistani side to create a sound environment for the CPEC and bilateral practical cooperation to achieve common advantage and common development.

Planning Minister Asad Umar agreed with Ambassador Nong Rong’s remarks, saying that the PTI government has been committed to advancing the CPEC. In contrast, important progress has been made in Gwadar Port, the energy and infrastructure sector, and the construction of SEZs. He reiterated the remarks made by Prime Minister Imran Khan during his meeting with State Councilor Wang Yi, stressing that Pakistan will do its most to protect the safety of Chinese citizens in Pakistan and firmly push forward the construction of the CPEC that benefits the Pakistani people and the country beyond.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity. CPEC will benefit China and Pakistan and positively impact Iran, Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republic, and the region. The enhancement of geographical linkages having improved road, rail and air transportation system with frequent and free exchanges of growth and people to people contact, enhancing understanding through academic, cultural and regional knowledge and culture, the activity of higher volume of flow of trade and businesses, producing and moving energy to have more optimal businesses and enhancement of cooperation by the win-win model will result in well connected, integrated region of shared destiny, harmony and development. 

Reports indicate that the pace of CPEC projects has been slowing down in Pakistan in recent years.

At the same time, China is the only country that is heavily investing in Pakistan. In Pakistan’s case, CPEC has continually been discussed since its announcement back in 2015, despite not being a significant development in years. The lack of progress has led to numerous reports about CPEC being at a near standstill.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a journey towards economic regionalization in the globalized world. It founded peace, development, and a win-win model for all of them. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the hope of a better future region with stability, development, and growth.


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